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Enjoying An Academic Summer

Enjoying an academic summer

I’m in the Netherlands for a while. My childcare is limited to 9 hours so with my commute, I’m at work max 8 hours a day. Some days I do something additional at night after my daughter sleeps – but the sun sets after 10 pm and my daughter is not really interested in going to bed early these days.

Instead, we are going for a lot of small adventures. We have an early 6pm dinner, and then we still have many hours of sunlight. Sometimes we just go for a walk around the block. Sometimes we go have an ice cream in the city. Other days, it’s a bike ride. On weekends, we go for adventures that take more time.

We are enjoying being here, and making time to enjoy the summer and the fact that we are here is a priority for me. Work is important as well – it’s the reason why I’m here in the first place, but I’m also trying to keep everything within a normal work day.

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