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My Goals For Fall 2021

My goals for Fall 2021

Before the start of every semester, I make a list of my ongoing tasks, my priorities, and plan my weekly template. Based on these, I can develop my goals for the semester.

Fall 2021 means a return to campus for my university here in Ecuador. I’ll need some time to get my bearings again around working from the office, I assume. I will still be teaching my course online, as my group is too large to accommodate all students safely. We’re also NOT yet done with this COVID-19 pandemic, so uncertainty is a large factor still.

With that said, I’d like to work on the following in the upcoming semester:

  • Submit 4 papers
  • Finish first series of experiments of my PhD candidate and work with her on the reports related to these experiments.
  • Assist my other PhD candidate in passing his go/no go evaluation.
  • Help my new PhD candidate getting started, and my other PhD candidate to finish his thesis.
  • Continue my research related to the doctoral defense.
  • Apply for EU funding.
  • Spend time on creative work.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Have good and early mornings.
  • Make a large puzzle.
  • Start the construction of our house.
  • Spend time with my husband.
  • Have 4 trips outside of the city.

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