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My New Boundaries Around Email

My new boundaries around email

I’m experimenting with some new boundaries around email.

In particular: I have deactivated work email from my phone.

I know that this is not a major thing and a lot of people (also on the PhD Talk podcast) have mentioned this as a lifesaver for better work-life balance, but it’s quite a step for me.

I had deactivated email from my phone in the past during my holidays, but then I always reactivated it upon my return. Now, I decided to keep it off.

At times, this is inconvenient, as I need to show a certain email to pick up something from the administration. I would just show the email on my phone in the past, but now I print the page (and then use the back for taking notes – I don’t want to be wasting resources).

Every now and then, I reactivate the accounts for a quick check. For example, right before work, when I’m doing my treadmill cooldown in the gym. But then I switch the connected accounts back off after that.

More than anything, I notice that a late night check right before bed and a Sunday check would stress me. I’d see an email right before sleeping and I’d worry about having to take action. I’d look at my mailbox on Sunday afternoon and the Sunday scaries would get to me. I’m done with that.

Do you have boundaries around your use of email? Let me know in the comments below!

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