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What Did Not Work For Me In 2022

What did not work for me in 2022

Just like I did the exercise last week on reflecting on what worked for me in the previous time period, I’m today reflecting on what did not work for me in the past year-ish.

Since I am critical of myself, I find it easier to make this list than the “things that worked for me” list.

Here are the 10 things that did not work for me:

  1. Working too many hours – I’m tired, like, really tired.
  2. Teaching on Saturdays. I’d probably do it again in the next cohort, but it’s hard.
  3. Trying to spend less time on email.
  4. Taking on too much service and volunteering work.
  5. Losing my luggage on flights – twice.
  6. Trying to do research in 1-hour blocks – that’s just not enough time to get into the flow of it for me.
  7. Finishing some of the papers that I’ve been working on for too long.
  8. Zoom teaching – I’m glad we are back to in-person and have Zoom as an emergency option.
  9. The viruses and whatnots my kid brings home from school.
  10. Not getting enough sleep. I’m really trying to prioritize my sleep moving forward.

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