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Software review: Codeform and Codeproof

Over the past week, I’ve been trying out a software package for structural engineering which combines a traditional calculation program (Codeform) with preprogrammed spreadsheets for all Eurocodes (Codeproof). Over a 1000 prefabricated formulas are available in the Eurocode library.

When I learned about this software, I became very curious to test it out. I download the 5-days trial version and, as an example, used the predefined Codeproof sheet to calculate the shear capacity of a concrete slab under a concentrated load (as shown here).
I used the trial version which can be found at Technosoft’s website for Codeform en Codeproof.

Here are my first impressions of the software package:


Very easy to learn

It took me only 20 minutes to turn the existing Codeproof sheet into a sheet which can be used for calculating the expected values of my experiments according to Eurocode 2. I had never used Codeform before, but it is very easy to operate.

Presentation format

The sheets are preprogrammed and look very professional with respect to their layout. In the two printscreens I took, you can see how it looks. The sheets are ready to be printed out and implemented in a report. The calculation is made clear by displaying the formulas at full, in contrast to the ‘hidden formulas’ which result from printing out Excel output.

Flexible format

Since Codeform is a very user-friendly engine, it is very easy to make changes to the existing Codeproof sheets and develop them into your own spreadsheet.

Suitable for design offices

Since this software package contains standard sheets for all Eurocodes, it is the perfect tool for design offices. No more need to spend hours on developing in-house standard spreadsheets for frequently used calculations. The interpretation of the Eurocodes has also been done and the right links to previous chapters or paragraphs were made.

Learn to use the Eurocodes

For designers abroad who are not familiar with the Eurocodes, this tool could be a great way to get acquainted with the Eurocodes. It shows you how to use the code, how to calculate with it, and how to interpret it.


Dimensionless calculations

Unlike some other packages, CodeForm does not use dimenions. If you would need to switch between English and SI units, then you’ll have to add the right conversion factors yourself.

Are you curious to test out this software too? You can head to the website and use the 5-day trial of the software.

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