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More mindfulness

Roughly 3,5 months have passed since my last post on mindfulness.


I try to practice daily, but in reality I practice roughly 1 out of 2 days. By now, I’m able to sit in silence and concentrate on my breathing for about 10 minutes, without even noticing the time. While it used to feel like a terribly long time in the beginning (is it time yet? is it time yet? is it time yet?), it now feels very natural.


I am starting to feel the benefits (finally) and my concentration is in fact improving. It’s been taking my quite some effort to take the time to meditate, but it starts paying off now.


One of the major advantages which I am experiencing now, is that I can switch to a more focused state of mind easily. All it takes is to sit back in my office chair, focus on my breathing for 3 to 5 counts to 10, and my head clears up.

Since I’ve been very busy lately with finishing up some deliverables of my project, I’ve been applying this method, and the results have been great. I’ve been steaming through stacks of work with such a sharp concentration that the hours were flying by without my noticing.
It’s been a great way to tackle the afternoon dip, too.


I haven’t been using guided meditations that often, but here are some more links I’ve collected:

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