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Literature Review Bootcamp Course

Great news for PhD Students! Ben from Literature Review HQ has launched the Literature Review Boot Camp * to teach you the nuts and bolts of writing a literature review.

The course lasts about 4 hours – and it is packed with information. There are 6 sections, each with a number of videos and worksheets. Then, there is also a section with “extra’s”: 3 additional classes (videos of about 40 minutes each), and the success guides for your reference on the 6 topics of the course.

What are the 6 sections of the course?

In a series of 6 videos, you learn how to replace stress and fear of failure with confidence and control. This module helps you to set yourself up for success in your literature review, and ultimately in your PhD.

This set contains 8 videos, in which you learn how to keep your literature review organized. You learn how to organize your references, both your hard copies and soft copies, and make sure you can find each and every paper right when you need it.

When you type in your search keys, you can get thousands of results back. In 7 videos, you learn how to weed through the output and snatch the papers you need for your research.

How should you read, how should you not read, and how can you increase faster and get a better comprehension of the papers you read? Ben teaches you the ins and outs of absorbing information in 10 videos.

One of the most important aspects of your PhD studies is writing – and in these 8 short videos you learn all the tools to communicate your ideas clearly on paper.

Better and better, every day and in every way… With 7 videos you learn how to use the skills you learned during the course to keep on improving your research.

The brilliant part of this course is that it is short. It takes only 4 hours to get an overview of all skills: no beating about the bush, but clear advice. The course covers theory as well as tutorials for practical applications. To make sure you turn the course into practice, every video has actionable goals, and every module finishes with a recap of what you need to start doing.

Ben has been studying the literature review for 4 years, and he has been blogging about the topic for 3 years: he is the go-to resource for anything related with the literature review. And now his knowledge is offered to you in this boot camp course.

Check out the Literature Review Boot Camp course! *

*I’m using an affiliate link for this course. To make sure I’m not simply trying to sell you something, I actually went through the whole course myself, and I was delighted with what I saw (even took a few notes for myself). I wholeheartedly support this course, and -most of all- I love to share excellent resources with you, so that you can succeed in your PhD.

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This Post Has 10 Comments
  1. In his sales material, he claims it is worth 997 dollars… do you agree with this? Seems like a cheap marketing trick to me

  2. Depends – if you'd calculate the hours it'd take a starting student to cobble all this material together from books and blogs, and say that an hour is worth 25USD, then I think it'd make up to that. However, I don't think the average graduate student would be willing to pay 997 USD. Nonetheless, I think the current price is fair for what you get… and otherwise, there is still the \”money back\” guarantee for if you'd think it wasn't worth your preciously saved money

  3. I'm not sure about paying that much… reading the sales blurb it sounds like a miracle cure… surely too good to be true? Haven't found a critical review yet, is everyone on an affiliate deal?

  4. Nothing is a miracle cure – in the end, for a PhD (and literature review) you just gotta do the work. However, there are smart ways to do the work, and Ben gives a solid overview of all possible tools for all skills related to the literature review

  5. all possible tools? for all skills? That can't possibly be true! As academics, shouldn't we question people's claims? A critical review, saying what it's good for and what is missing would be really useful. I don't want to pay $200 to find out… I need to eat too, even if there's a money back guarantee I can't take that risk.

  6. … related to the literature review, yes – which is only a part (however important) of your research and dissertation. And as I wrote in my post, I took a few notes for myself while browsing through Ben's material, so there are a few elements in there that are even \”new\” for me (and, as you might guess, I've been doing quite some reading through blogs and books over the past few years to fish for tips to increase my productivity and get my thesis done).

  7. So you are saying that ben has covered *everything possible*? Literally? There is nothing more anyone could possibly know? That's ludicrous.

  8. Maybe you can ask Ben to access his course and write the all-comprising scrutinous review of it, as your main point here seems to be to show where my review is lacking in depth?

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