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Setting goals for 2014

2013 was the first year for which I set goals – unfortunately I moved to another continent and left the diary behind which had my list of goals. Oops.

For 2014, I made goals, added a timeline and actionable steps to them, and saved them as well in my Todoist account. It might be a lot that I’m trying to achieve, but I like keeping my standards high. Even if I only get a fraction of everything done, I will still have done quite a number of things.

And because accountability is scary and all that, I decided to share my goals, and review at the end of the year how well or poorly I fared.

My academic goals for 2014 are the following:
– try a month of writing daily from 6am to 8am
– start up a laboratory at the university where I’m currently employed
– get involved in a bridge design project
– teach awesome courses to my students
– organize a science communication course
– graduate 4 thesis students
– write a grant proposal
– submit at least 6 journal papers for review (priority number 1!)
– learn Spanish

My health/personal goals for 2014 are the following:
– get back onto the FLO living protocol for eating and time management
– try a month of going to the gym daily at 6am
– eat vegan for a month
– revisit the Silva course
– find friends in my new city Quito
– give up refined sugar for 40 days
– buy an apartment
– exercise daily
– meditate daily
– journal daily
– read 60 books

And for PhD Talk, I’d like to do the following:
– transform PhD Talk
– write a book
– teach a social media workshop
– write 10 guest posts for other blogs

And a few fun activities that I want to do:
– go hike in a national park
– run a race
– play more music
– go horseriding in nature
– volunteer a couple of days on an organic farm and forest-keeping project
– get involved with the local TEDx community
– write a bundle of poems and publish them
– go for a singing weekend
– study an NLP course
– climb the Cotopaxi volcano
– attend a meditation workshop
– do one handscraft project
– go on a yoga weekend
– draw 7 mandalas

What are your goals for 2014? Have you made a list of fun things that you would like to do as well, to get enough downtime?

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