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Software review: TuneUp

A couple of months ago, I started using TuneUp on my personal laptop. Since it is taking ages to get the desktop computer in my office first delivered and then buffed up with all the software I need (7 months and counting – Ecuador is quite an exercise in patience for my by times), I figured I would have to work with what I have, and since I came from abroad with a few suitcases, that is nothing more than my personal laptop.

As I’m using my personal laptop in my office, I need to drag it back and forth to and from campus every single day. That also means I can’t hop into my chair in the morning, move the mouse, and get going. I need to take out my laptop, connect it to the internet with the cable, connect it to a power source, add the laptop lock cable, and wait for it to start up.

That whole process takes about 15 minutes in the morning, and packing up takes me another 15 minutes in the evening – you can see that a significant share of my times goes to utterly stupid random acts (that’s worth 1 pomodoro + break of time, and I could crunch some good numbers in that time, but alas, my thinking is not in the same lines as that of the powers that be).

So since the only person who gets annoyed by this – I really really like getting off at a fast pace in the morning, instead of waiting for the thing to start up and meanwhile get sucked into my smartphone – I decided to invest in some software to speed up my laptop, and I got TuneUp.

With TuneUp, my laptop got a good spring cleaning, and then I noticed the starting up in the mornings would run much faster. Even though it is not free software (and I barely ever feel like investing in software) I’m quite happy with the purchase.

If you are an entrepreneur often out and about with your laptop, or a nomadic academic like me, and you want to cut off a few minutes of starting up time in the morning and speed up the performance of your laptop, you might like to check out TuneUp.

Do you use any software to boost the performance of your laptop? Please let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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  1. I had used Tuneup utilities for long time earlier. I can also recommend 360amigo and Ccleaner. These are available as freeware. I am sure paid versions do a lot better than freeware. Also, why can you not put your laptop in hibernation since you are a frequent traveller ?

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