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Replacing Blockify by EZBlocker

Over two years ago, I wrote about ways to improve your Spotify experience (free ways so you can avoid the subscription cost, of course!). Spotify is growing more and more, and is now seemingly the standard for streaming music. The post is thus still relevant, and maybe even more widely applicable. Of the software I discussed in that post, Blockify is not getting updated anymore, and ads slip through more and more.

With Blockify off the radar, it was time for me to look for a replacement. Paying to get rid of the ads just is not something I would want to consider. If I pay for music, it is for CDs, with artwork, a booklet and maybe even a digipack with stickers and whatnot of the band. But just paying to get rid of ads and not even supporting a certain band? No thanks…

After a bit of looking around on the internet, I found EZBlocker. Just like Blockify, EZBlocker is an ad-muting little helper, that makes sure you won’t get disturbed when an ad pops up but simply brings a pause in between two tracks, muting the ad into the background. EZBlocker is incredibly easy to use, and is by now a standard feature on my laptop. Highly recommended if you work with music!

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