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Evaluation Of My Fall 2022 Goals

Evaluation of my Fall 2022 goals

At the end of every semester, I like to look back on my goals and see how I did. Here’s how my Fall 2022 goals went:

  • Submit 4 papers. If we take into account R1s as well, I submitted 6 papers.
  • Develop the preparation report for the next experiments. Yes, the report is submitted.
  • Guide thesis writing for PhD candidates.Yes, but perhaps not as much as I would have wanted.
  • Prepare new teaching material. I recorded the videos for a course that starts in March. I have outlined a course that starts in September. I just got assigned a new course starting in January and will need to reserve some good time to get everything set up at the beginning of the new semester.
  • Start new research projects. One is up and running, but we still need to hire a postdoc. I’m talking to people to start new collabs.
  • Get more sleep. A bit, but I’ve been struggling with the light coming in at night.
  • Meditate. I’m alternating my mindfulness meditation with other practices at the moment.
  • Write for fun. This project has fallen to the side.
  • Get 30-60 minutes of exercise 5 times per week, potentially get a gym membership. Yes, I am going to the gym.
  • Move to our new house. Yes, but I’m still organizing the house. Hopefully I can get more done over the christmas break.
  • Have 4 family hikes. Not a single one. The move had me fully occupied.
  • Have 4 lunch or dinner dates. I think we had two date nights, but also more social events that required arranging childcare at night.

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