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Five helpful websites

In today’s sea of information, I selected a few websites which are part of my daily toolbox.

1. Rescuetime
Together with ManicTime (which does not depend on internet connection), these timetracking software tools have greatly increased not only my productivity, but also my understanding of how I divide my time and how I can take most benefit out of it.

2. GoogleReader
I used to check several websites and blogs at random times. GoogleReader has become the portal through which I manage updates from sites and blogs

3. Diigo
The Diigo toolbar and library website help me to save interesting articles for later, make lists of favorite sites, highlight excerpts of websites here and there and tag all this information into relevant categories.

4. BeoLingus
This extensive, easy-to-operate online dictionary German-English has helped me through several German papers.

5. Scopus

Scopus has become the search engine to which I turn for finding papers and technical documents.

In the background: Grooveshark
When turned into a paid service, I searched for an alternative, and ended up really enjoying Grooveshark.

Which websites have become an integral part of your daily work and research experience?

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