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Introducing: Silver Linings

Another new series of posts! You will find Silver Linings to appear on this blog.

What is it about?

Silver Linings is about helping you to create the right mindset to carry out your research, and to come up with creative ideas.

 What is the concept of Silver Linings?

In the series of Silver Linings, you will find short, inspirational posts. The key point is one idea per lining, that will hopefully help you to cheer up for small things throughout the day.

By focusing your attention to small habits and short moments of joy, gratitude or indulgence, you will learn how to improve the resilience of your mind, and thus better cope with the stress of academia and the need to perform extremely well.

For who?

If you feel that you are wasting the best years of your life by trying to hold your breath, and just get through your studies, or get your PhD research finished, or get that academic position after your post-doc, or get tenure, or something else – then you are in a state of mind in which prevent yourself from operating at your best level.

You get your best results when you are happy in the now and have a vision for the future. With these ingredients, you can achieve mental flow.

Most of us tend to beat ourselves up in the now, thinking this behavior will lead to the great results you anticipate in the future. But, unfortunately, you might be like a dog chasing his own tail until he gets too tired. 

To learn how to improve the now, I’ve started to pay attention to small acts and thoughts throughout the day that help me to be at peace with my current state.

When can I expect Silver Linings?

Posts will air on Sundays, as a way to inspire you throughout the week.

You are invited to contribute!

Contributions are more than welcome. You are invited to share your experiences in the comments of a Silver Lining, and you can send guest contributions (just pitch me with your idea!).

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This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. So yes please! I'd love to read more about this. Also, could you write about starting with a research? I am actually afraid to start with it, to just do it and ask for some tasks at the professor…while I want to. I think it's too difficult for me, and I don't know where to begin in proving myself wrong.

  2. Glad to see you like the idea!As for your question – I'll make sure to write a post on that, but as for now, be sure to realize that research is a process that is built upon the lessons we learn from our failures. So, don't be afraid to jump into the playground – you'll get your knees chafed along the way, but that's all part of growing up to become a fully fledged researcher 🙂

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