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Silver Linings: Hormones and your health

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you might have seen that I occasionally share some of the work of Alisa Vitti, founder of FLOliving. Even though mostly aimed at women with PCOS and other hormonal issues, I think her work is valid and interesting for all women.

When she was a student at med school, Alisa was diagnosed with PCOS. Instead of going for a life of medication and more medication, she opted for going out in the wild and finding a way to a better health, by delving deeper into the science of food, genes and hormones.

The result of her studies is what she calls the “WomanCode” – a protocol that suggests which foods, skills, types of exercise and other elements of self-care you should emphasize depending on where in your cycle you are. The result is an organic form of time management, that feels more natural than other linear approaches to time management. Stop wondering why sometimes you feel outgoing and other times you want to stay on the couch with a book – you can fit both elements into a monthly planning.

Dealing with PCOS myself, I’ve been following Alisa’s course over the past months, and I’ve been trying really hard to implement her recommendations into my schedule. Traveling to conferences and moving from one place to the other has been a challenge, but overall I noticed improvements in my energy levels. If you are interested in her work, but don’t want to make the time and financial commitment to the course, you can check out her book WomanCode,

If you are interesting in her work, I recommend you to start by checking out her recent GoogleTalk here:

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