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Silver Linings: Resources for yoga on the go

When you are traveling for conferences, having a very busy time in the lab or simply don’t feel like coming out of your house, a virtual yoga teacher can provide you with the stretches and relaxation your body is craving.

By all means, I’m not advocating for you to drop your regular yoga class and roll out your mat between your bed and desk for the rest of your days.
Practicing yoga in group and with a teacher who can correct your poses is still a superior way of learning.

Once you have some practice, however, you can use a virtual yoga studio to take your sun salutations anywhere.

Previously, we’ve looked at how a quick sequence of standing yoga postures can get your blood running again after sitting too long, or simply can give you a lovely break in between pomodoros.

This post gathers a number of resources for you, to practice wherever you have access to the internet, some time and some space.

1. YouTube
YouTube has a virtual endless number of yoga classes available.
The following YouTube channels offer a good number of enjoyable (short) yoga workouts:
Psychetruth (never mind all the conspiracy theory talking and the ugly fonts on their videos, the yoga by Jen Hilman is lovely)
Yogatic – or the YouTube channel of Eckhart Yoga by Esther Eckhart.
LiveStrong Woman has great, short instruction videos by the glorious Tara Stiles.
YogaDownload contains a few slideshow sequences that are clear and easy to follow.
Sarah Beth Yoga also contains good information on how to do certain poses.
Ali Kamenova – power yoga that leaves me dripping from top to toe
eFit30 – a fitness channel with also yoga videos
Yogea ArtFlow Yoga – offer, well, something called artflow yoga
HolmTVs channel – yoga sequences at the beach: pretty to see
YJ Mag short for yoga journal magazine
Danielle Walsh – besides some cheesy astrology stuff, she offers great yoga classes
Yogajan06 or in the flow yoga
BeFiT offers workout videos and some yoga videos

2. Dedicated online websites
My Yoga Online – offers a 10-day free trial of their service. This website is currently my go-to resource.
GaiamTV – not a free website, and I haven’t tried it, but the reviews are positive.
Yogayak sells DVDs, and also offers some free yoga instruction classes.
MyFreeYoga has lots of resources, but runs horribly slow
YogaGlo – again, not something I’ve tried as it is a paid service, but the reviews are positive.
Do yoga with me offers free classes.
Eckhart yoga – again, a website with rave reviews, but I haven’t tried their paid-for service

3. Smartphone apps
Yoga for Weight Loss – I have the free version of this app, and the breathe cues are very good
After trying out a number of iPhone apps for yoga, I realized I simply don’t like trying to see what’s going on on that tiny screen. Also, most apps might come free, but then require a payment to obtain a class.

4. DVDs
An option I haven’t really explored yet, but why not browse your local library for a yoga DVD that you can borrow for the time of your conference, or in that extremely busy week?

Have you been taking your yoga along with you?

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