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My Summer 2021 Weekly Template

My Summer 2021 weekly template

As always before the start of a new semester, I have developed my weekly template for the summer, which you can see above (I did take out the names of my students with whom I have recurring meetings).

Here are the main changes to my schedule:

  • I’m not teaching this semester.
  • I’m now reserving three days a week for teaching-related tasks (student emails etc. since I am not teaching an actual class, as well as updating my material), admin, service, and meetings. The other two days are for reading, writing, and doing research.
  • I’m keeping my early morning writing, although I started running in the mornings again, so I may start any time between 6am and 6:30am.
  • I’m keeping in time slots for a break in the morning, for lunch, and in the afternoon. Since I’m working from home, it’s important for me to get up and take a break.

What will your summer semester look like?

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