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Disconnecting from work

Some time ago, I ran a poll on Twitter about disconnecting from work during holidays. Most respondents feel the same way about it as me – we try, but it’s hard. I want to disconnect, but I’m afraid I’ll miss something and I am afraid my mailbox will be too full when I return. But on the other hand, I haven’t been fully disconnected and able to enjoy my holidays completely for the last 6 years – courtesy of my smartphone.

I originally wrote this post during my vacation – when I planned not to do any work or any email or anything at all, and then planned to remove my email client and not take my computer along for the 1 week of my 3 week vacation away from home. It went very well, and I hope to do the same again this year – that’s why I ended up postponing this post until closer to the summer holidays 🙂

You can find the wake from this poll here:

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