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Goals For 2022

Goals for 2022

Just like every year, I am here with my list of goals 🙂 For reference, here are my goals for 2014, 2015, 2019, 2020, and 2021 (looks like I forgot to blog about my goals for some years).

As last year, I used the method that I developed for planning, which I teach in a course on reflecting on the past year and planning for the next year. Yet, coming out of a particularly hard year and grieving the loss of my mom (and not having parents anymore), I am keeping my goals low. My main goal is to give myself the time to process everything and find my balance again. For that purpose, I will need to create space and rest.

Work goals

  • Writing: Submit 5 journal papers (I outlined the topics for these)
  • Research: spend 3 weeks in Delft (pandemic permitting), plan experiments, analyze other experiments, analyze yet another set of experiments, and apply for funding (not sure which source yet) in the Fall.
  • Teaching: prep new MEng course, prep new MSc courses (2), supervise 3 BSc students, graduate 6 MSc students, graduate 3 PhD students
  • Service: get the journal ACI Avances into Amelica and Redalyc and improve periodicity, work on committee documents, role as IABSE SEI vice-president, attend 1 conference in person (pandemic permitting)
  • Admin: maintain inbox zero
  • Blog: increase podcast downloads, get 3 speaking engagements, get more newsletter subscribers, break even with costs


  • Average 8.75 hours of sleep per night
  • Read 52 books
  • Daily meditation
  • Resume exercise, get to 30-60′ of exercise per day as prescribed by my oncologist
  • Finish the online courses I purchased
  • Move my piano to Ecuador
  • Move to our new house
  • Go hiking once a month
  • Spend 4 weekends outside the city
  • Have a summer holiday as a family
  • Have two lunch dates per month
  • Volunteer as a family (pandemic permitting)

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  1. Dear Dr.Evalantsoght,
    Well planned balanced life of 2022. Interesting information that I like the most is reading 52 books, fixing the outline of 5 Journal papers, learning new subjects and graduating PhD students. Even, I started new year goals from 2021, I felt happy and celebrated new year after achieving all the planned goals. So, this year I have six major goals: 1. Finishing all my experiments related to PhD thesis, 2. Submission of 5 journal papers based on my thesis, 3. Improving the basic concepts of civil engineering subjects, 4. Improving the communication skills, 5. Purchase of land for new house construction, 6. Establish a international collaboration.
    After reading your 2021 and 2022 goals, I got a solution for one my goals ‘Improving communication skills’ this is possible by reading books. Similarly, I learned how to balance work and personal life. You are amazing Dr. Evalantsoght.
    Thank you.

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